Tremors: Svart Crown – Exhumed – The Monolith Deathcult – Nader Sadek

ZEALOTRY have posted rough mixes of two song from their upcoming album, The Charnel Expanse.

Tremors is a compilation of stories and news bits, which are interesting, but didn’t make the news of The Richter Scale (Time constraints and all). In this post I’ve included 34 different items, images, videos, articles of interest and more.

SVART CROWN are streaming their new album, Profane, over at

Interview with Karl Sanders of NILE by

New track from brutal death metal French band ANTROPOFAGO.

InfidelAmsterdam reviews a lot of releases from Vic Records, including PAGANIZER, LEUKEMIA and MASTER amongst others.

Video of Mike Hamilton playing “Under The Knife” with EXHUMED.

Dave Culross playing “Funeral Inception” with SUFFOCATION. Also an interview with Guy Marchais and Terrence Hobbs by Offering Webzine.


Neurotic Deathfest have announced the last bands added to their line-up: INIQUITY, TRIBULATION, THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT, UNFATHOMABLE RUINATION, BODYFARM, CLITEATER and SVART CROWN.

Horror Magazine Fangoria has an interview with NADER SADEK.

INTERNAL BLEEDING have started sending out their new promo: “And so it begins: five song promo is done, packaged and off to labels starting today; with hopes of a full length being done and released later this year. Many of you have heard these new songs live and some have heard the recording at shows. We feel it’s certainly the strongest stuff we’ve done. We’ll keep y’all informed of our progress. Thanks for the continued support.” More details in their April news bulletin.


Custom made DEATH tattoo machine.

An update from CORPSESSED concerning their new album: We have settled on the date 7th of June when we will start with the recordings for the yet untitled CORPSESSED full-length album. LL from DESOLATE SHRINE will be helping us out with the drum recordings and Matti will again be handling all the rest of the recordings which will proceed throughout the summer. There are no release dates yet but we will keep you posted on the progress.

Currently we are hoping to record 8 tracks with tentative titles (these may change) such as: “Sovereign”, “Trepanation”, “Transcend Beyond Human”, “Necrosophic Channeling”, “Apotheosis” and reworkings of both of the 7″ tracks “Of Desolation” and “Demoniacal Subjugation”.”


New silk-screened poster for MDF XI available here.

Details about the Maryland Deathfest III movie: “Limited Edition” available to order now!
500 copies printed, 2 disc set, includes ELECTRIC WIZARD and GODFLESH (regular version being printed in July for stores will not include those two bands)
$13 dollars, free shipping or pick-up at MDF.
Instant download of ‘Maryland Deathfest: The Movie III‘ Soundtrack.

SEPULTURA have announced that they will be recording a cover of DEATH‘s “Zombie Ritual” on their next album.

THANATOS have signed with Century Media Records.

Malaysia’s HUMILIATION are streaming a track from their Turbulence From the Deep album, out May 28th on Deepsend Records.

Christ Denied

Cover art for the new album from Spain’s CHRIST DENIED, titled Cancer Eradication.

News from Swedish band FERAL: “We are thrilled to announce that the pre-productions of the next Feral album are done. More than enough songs have been written/recorded during these sessions for us to be able to put together one hell of an album to say the least.

News regarding the actual recording of the album will be announced as soon as they are available, needless to say we now feel completely up for the task that lays ahead and are fully confident about the material that we have in store for you guys.

These pre-productions were however the last recordings that drummer Rickard Lundmark and guitarist Petter Nilsson will do with the band, as we have decided to part ways. This is due to other commitments and there is absolutely no bad blood between the band and the two former members.

Of course we are sad to see two of the founding members (as well as two of our best friends) leave. But we wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavors and know that they will in some way or another always be part of that which is FERAL.

There is however no reason to be alarmed as this will in no way slow down the future plans of the band and our goals stays the same.

For the time being Roger Markström (Leviathan, ex-Armagedda) will be aiding us from behind the drums and the search for a guitar player is ongoing.

We thank you all for your support, stay tuned!
David, Viktor & Markus – FERAL

Sweden’s PUTRIFIED have released a track from their upcoming Mini-album.

New lyric video from THE MONOLITH DEATHCULT for the song “Todesnacht von Stammheim”, from their Tetragrammaton album, out through Season of Mist on May 10th (May 14th in North America).


Hellthrasher Records will be reissuing DISKORD‘s first album Doomscapes: “We are proud to announce that we will be doing an official CD reissue of the critically acclaimed debut full-length from Norwegian progressive technical death metal band – DISKORD Doomscapes. The album was primarily released in 2007 by currently non-existing Edgerunner Records and can be best described as a fusion of old-school DM in the vein of AUTOPSY with a twisted songwriting approach remniscent of VOIVOD and such. The re-release will be limited to 1000 items and will feature original sound recordings as well as slightly improved artwork. More information on the actual release date to be announced shortly.”

New PAGANIZER track from the album World Lobotomy, out May 10th on Cyclone Empire Records.

IMMOLATION have a new lyric video out for the track “Indoctrinate”, taken from Kingdom of Conspiracy out May 10 (EU), May 13 (UK), and May 14 (US) on Nuclear Blast Records.

Update concerning HATE‘s future: “We would like you to know that we have decided to continue with the band and keep on doing our job as always. There is still a big hole in our hearts, but we do not want to focus on mourning over the tragedy. Instead, we decide to focus on the band and keeping it alive as well as all the ideas we shared with Mortifer. We treat what we do as a mission and we cannot see the end of it. On some shows to come, we will be accompanied by Mortifer’s wife Alexandra on bass guitar. She has been in the business for some time and been involved in a few Russian bands before. As an experienced musician, she will undoubtedly manage on the stage with us. On other shows, we will be joined by Piotr Kolakowski (NEYRA), a talented musician who had previously been on stage with us as a session musician. The festivals below have been confirmed, but there are more to come soon.”

DEEDS OF FLESH have a new website up which features a new webstore with mix and match packages deals for new album Portals to Canaan, out June 25th.

 Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER, RIBSPREADER, FONDLECORPSE, HUMANITY DELETE, etc.) and Dave Ingram (BOLT THROWER, BENEDICTION)have a new project called DOWN AMONG THE DEAD MEN, the band are currently writing a full length album for release on Cyclone Empire Records later in 2013.
New video announcing Brazil’s THORNAFIRE signing with F.D.A Rekotz.
HYPOCRISY have been forced to cancel their trek to North America, the tour will go on with KRISIUN as the headliner.
Poster for INCANTATION‘s coming mini-tour in Europe.
European dates for Israel’s SONNE ADAM. has a new interview with Sweden’s REVEL IN FLESH.
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