Tremors: Wormed, Lecherous Nocturne, Vomitory, Unfathomable Ruination

A poster announcing upcoming shows by HOODED MENACE, SONNE ADAM, MASTER and more from Malmö, Sweden.

Tremors is a compilation of stories and news bits, which are interesting, but didn’t make the news of The Richter Scale (Time constraints and all). In this post I’ve included 37 different items, images, videos, articles of interest and more.

New SVART CROWN track, “In Utero: A Place Of Hatred And Threat” from their upcoming third album Profane, out on Listenable Records soon.

Sweden’s ENTRAILS have announced some guest artists confirmed to appear on the tracks “Death League” from the new album Raging Death are: Kam Lee (BONE GNAWER, ex-MASSACRE), Jörgen Sandström (TORTURE DIVISION, THE PROJECT HATE MCMXCIX, ex-GRAVE), Rogga Johansson (PAGANIZER) and Dan Swanö (ex-EDGE OF SANITY).

Poland’s BEHEMOTH have entered Hertz studio in Bialystok, Poland at the end of February to begin recording their next album.

Third trailer from HYPOCRISY for their new album End of Disclosure, this time talking about the music.

Interview with Alex Webster of CANNIBAL CORPSE by …Attitude Clothing.

New video and single from UK’s THE ROTTED, “Rotten Fucking Earth”.

New track, “Hordes of Vermin”, taken from the new VERMINOUS album, “The Unholy Communion” out on Xtreem Music April 15th 2013.

Sweden’s NECROCURSE are streaming their entire new album Grip of the Dead.

Stream of the new THE MODERN AGE SLAVERY album here.

Sweden’s FACEBREAKER have a new studio report for the recording of their new Dedicated to the Flesh album. are streaming a new REVEL IN FLESH track, “Dominate the Rotten”, taken from their Manifested Darkness album.

France’s WITHDRAWN have posted the track “Oblivion”, taken from their The Strongest Will album.

Decibel Magazine are streaming the title track from IMMOLATION‘s new album, Kingdom of Conspiracy.

“Scornstar” is the new ARSIS track from the album Unwelcome that’s streaming over at

German melodic deathsters HARASAI released a lyric video for the song “The Liquid Everything” from their Psychotic Kingdom album. has a new interview with Sweden’s TRIBULATION.

Germany’s PURGATORY are streaming the new song, “Pandemonium Rising” from their new album, Deathkvlt – Grand Ancient Arts on their homepage. is streaming the new TORMENTED album Death Awaits in it’s entirety.

Top 5 tech death metal bands you may’ve overlooked from the Deciblog. interview with Sweden’s VOMITORY. Also Obscene Extreme Festival has posted footage of the band performing the track, “Gore Apocalypse”.

Arrival Of The Black – Vinland Tour 2013, USA tour featuring Sweden’s SORCERY and Mexico’s INFINITUM OBSCURE.


UNFATHOMABLE RUINATION performing “Futile Colossus Decapitated” on their recent UK tour with PYREXIA and BEHEADED.

Poland’s DORMANT ORDEAL are streaming their new album, It Rains, It Pours.

Former NECROPHOBIC, DARK FUNERAL and INFERNAL guitarist David Parland passed away.

Germany’s LAY DOWN ROTTEN have signed with Apostasy Records.

The Summer Slaughter Tour has announced par of its line-up, which includes CATTLE DECAPITATION and AEON.

Interview with NILE about their 20 years and current tour by Hornsuprocks. is hosting a stream of the new LECHEROUS NOCTURNE album.

Full album stream of Exodromos by Spain’s WORMED on

Producer Colin Richardson has quit mixing of the new CARCASS album Surgical Steel two weeks in, he’s to be replaced by Andy Sneap.

Italian one man band NERVECIDE is streaming the album Impermanence.

Texas based MORGENGRAU are streaming the track “Antithetical” from their Extrinsic Pathway album.

A spoken word rendition of DEVOURMENT‘s “Abomination Unseen” by MetalOutlawTv.

Demo version of a new BLOODSOAKED track entitled “Devouring”.

New t-shirts from Germany’s OBSCURE INFINITY.

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