Tremors: Torture Division, Wormed, James Murphy, Sorcery, Bolt Thrower

Busy week for TORTURE DIVISION, who posted a new(old) song, a teaser of a bevy of new songs and some good news:

“Surprisingly enough and more than a month before expected we just got the “LiK” mix from Swanö, that old bastard. And it sounds fucken magnificent! We can never thank Dan enough for endorsing us with these mixes since day one, we’d be half the fucken band without him.

This means that everything is ready for Abyss to compile these demos and unreleased tunes so you can have it on CD in a near future.”

Tremors is a compilation of stories and news bits, which are interesting, but didn’t make the news of The Richter Scale (Time constraints and all). In this post I’ve included 27 different items, images, videos, articles of interest and more.

French death/black metallers SVART CROWN will release their new album, Profane, on April 22 in Europe and in May in the U.S. on Listenable Records. Recorded, mixed, mastered by Francis Caste (ARKHON INFAUSTUS, PHAZM) at St Marthe studio in Paris. The cover artwork was once again created by Stefan Thanneur.

Profane track listing:

“01. Manifestatio Symptoms
02. Genesis Architect
03. Intern . Virus . Human
04. In Utero: A Place Of Hatred And Threat
05. Until The Last Breath
06. Profane
07. The Therapy Of Flesh
08. Venomous Ritual
09. Ascetic Purification
10. Revelatio: Down Here Stillborn”

A third excerpt from WORMED‘s new album Exodromos is up through Brooklyn Vegan, it’s titled “Stellar Depopulation”.

HYPOCRISY will be hitting the North American roads with KRISIUN, ABORTED and ARSIS this spring.

Two interviews with LECHEROUS NOCTURNE, one over at with bassist Chris Lollis  and the other at with guitarist Ethan Lane. is streaming a video from the new NADER SADEK CD/DVD Living Flesh, this time it’s “Of the Flesh”.

In-depth interview with James Murphy with DeathinHD.

Infidel Amsterdam shows us his vinyl collection so far.

CENTURIAN are streaming their entire new album Contra Rationem over at

A short making-of video for the song “Enduring The Eternal Molestation Of Flame” from NILE, also an interview with Karl Sanders with Metal Ship In Tokyo.

To the Death records is streaming SORCERY‘s re-release of their 1991 album, Bloodchilling Tales, with the Rivers of the dead EP as a bonus. Now titled Legacy of Blood, the album will be out around March 20th.

FDA Rekotz is streaming a new self-titled track from the second REVEL IN FLESH album, Manifested Darkness.

California extreme metallers DEEDS OF FLESH, will release Portals To Canaan on June 25
Portals To Canaan track listing:

“01. Amidst The Ruins
02. Entranced In Decades Of Psychedelic Sleep
03. Rise Of The Virvum Juggernaut
04. Celestial Serpents
05. Caelum Hirundines Terra/The Sky Swallows The Earth
06. Xeno-Virus
07. Hollow Human Husks
08. Portals To Canaan
09. Orphans Of Sickness (GORGUTS cover)”

A new DEATH TO ALL tour has been scheduled, this time featuring the Human-era line-up (guitarist Paul Masvidal, bassist Steve DiGiorgio and drummer Sean Reinert) performing songs from the first four albums. Max Phelps, currently in CYNIC, will be handling vocals and guitar. has an interview with HATE guitarist “Destroyer”.

German tech band Over Your Threshold have posted a demonstration video for the song “Antic”, taken from their Fracticity album.

Invictus Productions has curated a mixtape over at Cvlt Nation, it features artists like DIOCLETIAN, ANTEDILUVIAN, PORTAL and SPEARHEAD.

DEATHCHAIN are streaming the song “Like Worms Upon The Lands” over at Decibel, it features ENTOMBED vocalist LG Petrov. The track comes off their forthcoming Ritual Death Metal album.

Issue 8 of Heavy Metal Tribune is out (and free!!), featuring an interview with DESOLATE SHRINE and a label spotlight on Dark Descent Records.


Cvlt Nation have posted links to a couple of classic BOLT THROWER sets from 1989 and 1990.

Sweden’s INTERMENT have posted the following update:

“We will enter StudioCave between 8-10 March to nail four new songs and one oldie for some split EP’s. One of them will be a 10″inch split with our fellows in BRUTALLY DECEASED(CZE) released by Lavadome Productions spring 2013. Then we’ll contribute with one song for the “Imperial Anthems” split 7″ series released by Cyclone Empire and also to a split 7″ with Anatomia(JPN) released by Goatgrind records in the end of the year.”

DEMONICAL have posted the second segment of their Studio Report for the recording of Darkness Unbound.

Hear the track “Ashes in the Rain”, taken from Mexican CENOTAPH‘s re-issued debut album The Gloomy Reflection of Our Hidden Sorrows. out on CD through Chaos Records  with original artwork by the Polish artist Ryszard Wojtynski, new layout and the Tenebrous Apparitions 7″ and The Eternal Disgrace 7″ as bonus.

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